About us

tuuva.systems is a joint venture of psychologist and biologist Dr. Thomas Naujokat and sociologist and computer scientist Matthias Orlikowski. It was founded in 2014 to develop a web app that represents the core elements of the practice management of psychotherapists and coaches using all modern web techniques. Over the years, it has become an app that also supports the business processes of freelancers and solopropreneurs, who essentially work on a calendar basis. In the meantime, the app has been given the name derplaan.

At the very beginning there was the big question whether we develop the app exclusively with our own resources or whether we approach investors with the developed business idea. We expected a development time of about 2 years and decided to approach it as a "4-hours-every-day-foundation".

The 2 years have now turned into 4.5, until we had finished the prototype. And it was a very turbulent time with many ups and downs. The company is still a project besides gainful employment, but now that the prototype is ready, we are open to new shareholders and silent partnerships. The first data on the actual market opportunities will shortly be available.

In our opinion, the reasons for significantly exceeding the expected time frame lie less in a lack of financial resources than in our initial inexperience in software development.

One thing is certain, the next app will benefit from our experience of these 4.5 years.

Another reason is the demands we place on these and future apps: We wanted to combine maximum interoperability, offline capability, a data protection and privacy standard worthy of the name, high flexibility and ease of use.

It can be said that we have started almost from scratch several times because we were not satisfied with the results of the GUI development. As already mentioned, it was a fierce learning curve on the way to the inevitable compromises.
Initial feedback currently gives us the confidence that derplaan has now become "chic" (spontaneous statement).